Payment instructions: when making 01 order, customers have paid 03 times.

First time: Advancing the Gold material
Since the time, the Company notify that the Company has received the order card of customers, the customer, within 24 hours, the customer shall advance from 30 to 50% the value of the materials to produce the product for the Order card.
% of this advanced materials depending on the quantity and value of the Order card, quantity of order is greater, the advanced material is greater.

Second time: Payment of the remaining materials
When the Company deliver the product to customer, customers shall pay off the remaining part of materials (including the materials according to the actual weigh and materials due to loss in production).

Third time: Paying the artisan fee and auxiliary materials.
Maximum after 02 days from delivery, customers must pay 100% of the artisan fee and auxiliary materials.
Often the fee of the Company include the artisan fee and auxiliary materials, except for some precious stones or individual requirements, customers shall pay for the company.

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